Eelke Kleijn (NL)

Artist & Speaker

The fact that Eelke Kleijn DJs in his socks and produces in a standing position tells you exactly what you need to know about him.

Four albums into a well-established yet still rapidly ascending career, Kleijn is an artist very much in his element. Recent success has also come in the form of ‘Transmission’, with both the original version and Joris Voorn’s remix fully living up to their potential across DJ sets, leading charts and radio stations.

With a background playing piano, guitar and bass and a healthy sideline in composing for film and TV. His work scoring Hollywood blockbusters like Batman vs Superman, Rush, Parker and This Means War has been met with great acclaim.

His own imprint, DAYS like NIGHTS, is becoming an increasingly important part of what he does. Serving as a multi-faceted platform where he enjoys total creative control, it encompasses a label, a radio show and podcast, and world-renowned events.

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