Ed Martinez (GB)

Ed Martinez is a techno dj that touches a lot of shades inside that style, and tries to take risks and never be linear. With 17 years of experience on the decks and having played in clubs like Ministry of Sound,Pacha,Egg London,Fire, Lightbox or Cafe 1001 he is a seasoned and experienced performer. Currently holds a residence on the London afterparty La Divina, plays monthly at cafe 1001 for Wicked7 and also often on Egg London for Seminor Lab and Familia. Lots of energy on the decks its something he always brings to a set, and he is eclectic and unpredictable when playing. He is an old school Tech House and Techno DJ that has been on the decks for more than 17 years. Thus he got an understanding of the old style vinyl mixing techniques from the beginning as when he started it was the only way to play.And the big array of styles he played over the years that include most electronic music genres, makes him an eclectic and difficult to classify artist. His relationship with music started at a very young age,coming from a family of musicians and going to the conservatory to study piano from the age of six to the age of twelve.His classical music education was a good base to develop his sense of musical hearing, which is a key part of all dj skills. Then at 15 he started playing electronic music, going from progressive to hard trance, and from there to German style techno and hard techno, while also touching more tribal sounds and groovy techno and tech house. On the last years he opened himself to more relaxed vibes like dubby techno sounds or deep atmospheric house. In Spain he started in small clubs on his hometown of El Alamo , going to play in raves around Madrid with the collective Imsomnio and to bigger clubs like Reset or Nao on Quismondo where he played with Takaaki Itoh. In London he has played in big clubs like Pacha London,Ministry of Sound,The Egg,Fire,Cafe1001 or The Lightbox where he shared the booth with big names of the electronic music like Roger Sanchez,Paul Oakenfold,Harvey MacKay,Paul Ritch,Markantonio,Luigi Madonna,Roberto Capuano,Coyu,Bontan, Wehbba,Guy Mantzur,Gregor Salto,Dr Kucho or Tim Cullen, and in smaller clubs like Gigalum,The Union,The Shelter, Trafik Shoreditch,Hysteria or Bar 512 where he could express more freely his love for underground music. His style lies between the Groovy Detroit Techno and the bouncy UK Deep Techno,with touches of more tribal Elrow style tech house or more melodic progressive sounds.He also greatly enjoys the more Dark and strong sounds of Hard Techno and the conceptual approach of minimal techno. He is never linear and often changes the mood of his set to match the mood of the crowd being always energetic and uplifting.Long mixes,4 deck playing, key matching and a taste for making a journey of each set is all on his DNA. He takes advantage of the newer technologies to add effects and loops to his sets, making tricks and mash ups on the fly, hotcues, layering cappellas and samples over tracks. Currently an undergraduate at IMW studios en route to a Sound design degree by the West London University, he is already testing his own productions on the dance floor and you are going soon to hear about his releases on different record labels.
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