Ed Lee (GB)

Recently shedding his previous incarnation (which will remain secret) Ed Lee has been one of the driving forces behind the notorious Contradisco club night in the UK. Described as being at the "forefront of the Underground clubbing scene", Contradisco has been delivering events on a monthly basis, and Ed has been instrumental in shaping the club's musical direction. You will hear him presenting dark, discernable beats to the crowds in many parties, and has been known to make even the filthiest of basements that little bit smuttier. Often seen guesting around a host of parties in the UK, Ed's debut at ADE alongisde legends such as Robert Owens and Trevor Fung, offers hints of the passing of the baton from one generation to the next. Ed has been in the studio for the most of this year working on his forthcoming EP, creating collaboratively with NEIN Records master of production Tronik Youth as well as up and comers such as Jonah Considine. Expect a concoction of deep chugging beats meets belearic motions, all with a knowing glance to the industrial sounds of early European Techno.
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