Earth n Days (HU)

Earth n Days was founded in the beginning of 2017 with the aim of bringing something new to the Hungarian club music scene and achieving professional success on an international level. Formation is very fresh, but they have been working together for years in various music projects. Magonyi L (Magonyi László) works behind the turntables for 20 years. With a lot of action and a respectable residence behind him, and Zsak (Viktor Vizi) is the author of several great-selling projects, who have been ranked among the world's one of the best house producers since 2016. They have released 14 songs in the past year, all of them in international charts, repertoire of known DJs and in the front line of international club music. Try and the Sexy Body songs are among the most watched recordings of the Shazam local list, they record hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and have heard about the biggest radio offerings. Saxology and Got To Go tracks have benn confirmed for months in Beatport Top 10, and they have get some gold albums. After 8 months, Earth n Days has been nominated in two categories for the 2017 Ballentines Music Awards. They have been the winner in 'Producer of the Year 2017’ category, proved to be the best in the professional voting of the Dj Association. Since November 2017, Earth n Days is one of the world's 10 best funkyhouse performers based on Beatport statistics. (beatstats.com) Along with their own publisher (HouseU Records), they've been working with Hotfingers Records and the Milk & Sugar Recordings. Their 4th video (Sunny Day) has been released in this days and they still have plenty of ammunition for this summer.
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