Drummatic Twins (GB)

Nick Slater and Lanx's (aka Kevin Lancaster) stage name was the consequence of having amplified attacks of drum-machine seizures in their loft. Even the strongest prescriptions could not calm the frenzy of 12 years of multi-faceted producing and DJing that would ensue before they landed at Finger Lickin'. The Drumattic Twins' biography constructs their musical biology. As children of the dance revolution would remember, many moons ago, Nick and Lanx were known as the chart topping Shades of Rhythm. Two of the three, the reprehensible Nick and Lanx along with vocalist Rayan Gee, were then responsible for tunes like 'Sweet Sensation', 'Homicide', 'Ecstasy' and 'Sound of Eden' - tracks so seminal, they're likely to induce misty-eyed rumblings about “the good old days”. More salt water may well in thy eyes if footage of Nick and Lanx's appearance on Top Of The Pops is ever - hesitantly- unearthed. But some ten years later from their big bang, Nick and Lanx put the snapshots of the rave days into an album and re-invented themselves as the Drumattic Twins. Having discovered the downside of being tied down to the majors, they set up their own label in the late 90s and released a handful of Drumattic tracks and started working with Lee Coombs. Their mutual passion for electro soon led to setting their imprint with their label Freakazoid, which has huge underground support worldwide. Together with Coombs, the Drumattics went on to remix Arthur Baker's early house classic Criminal Element Orchestra's 'Put The Needle On The Record', as well as Dreadzone, Deejay Punk Roc, Mike Monday and old rave classic 'Psychotropic' by Hypnosis. Through their long-time friendship with Sir Coombs, Nick and Lanx met the loco lads at Finger Lickin' where the Twins parked their spaceship.
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