DRKNGHTS Collective (NL)

With a determination to share their vision of clubbing, DRKNGHTS has brought the ultimate ‘knightknight’ into being. Whether it be THE DRKNGHTS SHOW on Red Light Radio or their residency at Garage Noord called CLXBNGHTS, they’re sure to takeover completely and curate their own signature experience. DRKNGHTS Collective is known for their unique outlook and daring choices when it comes to music. Kristieyana, Phoenix and BUBBLES enjoy exploring different combinations within their formation, creating endless possibilities which translates bewitchingly in their DJ sets. This trinity of bold and mysterious ladies have a sense of distinction going on in comparison to anything else you may have seen. With a musical selection spanning from Electronic, Bass, Beats, Drums and heavy sounds, you can expect to be positively surprised by the many directions they may take you.
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