Dorine van der Wijk (NL)

Speaker (The Great Realisation)

Dorine van der Wijk is a person who is hard to find in just one box. A researcher of life. A producer of insperiences which enrich people's perspectives. An embodier of a future that is based on a path of flow. All of these roles support her life mission to shift the paradigm to a world that is beneficial for all beings. A mission that, since 2018, after two decades of being a serial entrepreneur, guiding Dutch businesses to their essence to grow naturally, dedicated her energy towards. She saw the same patterns repeatedly; everyone is trying to achieve the same thing without knowing why they want to achieve it, and when they do succeed, they still need to be fulfilled with more. This strange paradox, which she also felt in herself, is the driver to find new, unconventional paths lit by the lamp of her intuition.

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