Dopish (DE)

When harmony gives birth to music. Since many years, Tim Claußnitzer and Sebastian Fischer share a close friendship and a common passion for electronic music. Inside the countless nightclubs located in the Rhineland and the Ruhr District, the two friends had plenty of opportunity to celebrate their huge passion for Techno and House music. Thus, taking up DJing was nothing but a logical consequence. Shortly thereafter and with valuable experience under their belts, the two artists took to the DJ booth for the very first time, performing alongside established veterans of the electronic music scene such as Format B, Tube & Berger and Andre Galluzzi. In Cologne, Germany, the two lads from the hard-working Ruhrpott region managed to secure their first DJ residency at the local event series Art of House, followed by additional gigs at Triple A as well as numerous appearances at 1live party events and the world-famous Love Parade. However, the energetic and dynamic duo comes to realize rather quickly that DJing alone simply isn’t enough. Driven by their emotional approach to music and a passion for immersive club tunes, they decide to launch the Dopish project in 2014. Equipped with extensive experience gathered behind turntables and mixing consoles, they start a new chapter and begin to single-handedly produce their very own electronic music. The unparalleled synergy between the two also carries over to the studio. Sebastian’s great talent for composing is the ideal counterpart to Tim’s gift of creating visionary sounds and mixing them together in a final track. Dopish fine-tune their innovative sounds with great fervor and continuously develop new ideas. Deep, bone-dry basslines and melodic synth pads incorporated into state-of-the-art club tracks that are also suitable for open air events are the hallmarks of their musical approach. After several months and many sleepless nights at the studio, the release of their second single titled “Aloha” – coming on the heels of their debut release “closest” – is now imminent. The EP is set for release in mid July 2015 on Incroyable Music. Clublights, dancing people, time has no relevance, early morning, birds are tweeting – DOPISH
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