Don James (NL)

Born and raised in The Hague, The Netherlands. You have probably heard the name here and there but now you can’t go around it anymore: DJ Don James! What started as a hobby and a passion, has only been growing since 2012 (!!) into a formation of a DJ who made his name with great speed in the club scene. Don James has been a professional DJ for two years now in which he was booked for several major locations across the country to introduce the people his energetic and diverse way of mixing music. His eclectic (all-round) style of mixing music is far too diverse to be described in one or a few words. But we can describe his style as a great mix of the best new music in various genres like for example Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, AFRO, House and many more. There are great things coming up for this DJ. His first international booking turned out a great success and he also has been mixing music on Mystery Land! For the future plans, he has internationals bookings and the biggest venues in The Netherlands on his agenda. Don has released in terms of the well-known productions of So F*cking amazing mixtape and is now also known as the mastermind behind the handmade The Don mixtapes that are very well heard throughout The Netherlands. Furthermore, Don James has come out with his first productions which are well supported by many DJs! In short, Don James is on its way to become an established name in the Dutch / foreign scene. Make sure you continue to follow him because there is a lot more to come.
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