Don Diablo (NL)

Artist & Speaker

If you want to step into the future, you have to take a step into the mind of Don Pepijn Schipper a.k.a. Don Diablo. This Dutch artist and musician is a true visionary who doesn’t just stick to one discipline. He’s all about breaking boundaries and challenging perceptions in music, art, fashion and tech which has led him to work together with institutions and brands such as Disney, Sotheby’s, Netflix, StarWars, The United Nati- ons and PACE gallery amongst others.

It is safe to say Don Diablo has reached a more than respectable status within the music industry after building his own HEXAGON brand, record label and community which has resulted in him remixing and working in the studio with artists all across the board ranging from Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa to Coldplay and Justin Bieber. As a live performer he has been sitting comfortably in the top10 of the DJ MAG Top 100 for five years straight now, currently ranking at #9. His third studio album, “FORΞVΞR” delivered a whole new futuristic sound and recently reached over one billion global streams. His hugely popular Hexagon radio show has been running for almost eight years now, reaching millions of listeners in 68 countries on a weekly basis. In the electronic music scene he’s also adopted a notable role as a musical mentor always championing and supporting new talent.

But as said there’s more to Don Diablo than just music. He’s also become a trailblazer in the world of fine art, making waves with his mind-blowing physical meets digital art pieces and installations. Record salesat the renowned digital art gallery SuperRare and successful auctions at Sotheby’s led to his work succes- sfully being sold and exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Art Dubai, and Art Basel in Miami in conjunction with DRIFT and PACE gallery. His ‘HΞXAVERSΞ by Don Diablo’ installation showcased a physical portal that literally opened the door to a new universe. It went on public display in downtown Hong Kong and Shang- hai in collaboration with K11 in 2022 and 2023.

His work as the head of creative for his own HEXAGON clothing line serves as a testament to his fashion credentials. Notable mentions include his collaborations with Disney and LucasFilm in 2018 to launch an official Star Wars x HEXAGON capsule clothing line at ‘De Bijenkorf,’ following in the footsteps of other fa- med guest designers such as Lewis Hamilton and Kim Kardashian. Don’s journey into the world of fashion began with this momentous collaboration and was followed up by more notable collaborations, including his most recent one alongside his favourite NETFLIX Series: Stranger Things which was revealed by Hype- Beast alongside the Balmain collaboration and and is set to launch later in 2023.

After working with charities such as StopAidsNow and the CancerTrust the DutchMan went on an en- vironmental mission. In June 2021 he teamed up with the United Nations alongside non-profit organi- zation ‘JustDiggit’, a grassroots organisation that fights global warming by re-greening Africa, to launch his #STREAMTOREGREEN initiative. The concept is simple: all streaming income of a song is donated to JustDiggit, supporting their environmental work through nature based solutions. In other words every time you listen to a song you are literally helping to regreen the planet. The first single, “Too Much To Ask”, featured multi-talent Ty Dolla $ign and Don was invited to introduce the project at the United Nations Vir- tual Launch Gala, speaking alongside world leaders and activists including Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and His Holiness Pope Francis. Don is an ardent champion of a sustainable future, leveraging his influence and platform to effect tangible change in the world. The next chapter of the #STREAMTOREGREEN mission is slated to be unveiled late September 2023 in NYC.

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