DJ Wes Green (US)

Hot summer days in Chicago spent in the house making pause button tape mixes. I was 13 years old and listened to the Hot Mix Five every Friday. I moved to 70th and Chappell and met Steve Poindexter. We started working on tracks. I spent 6 months making sounds for Computer Madness on my CZ-101. We put together an EP with Work That Mother Fucker, Chillin With The P and Computer Madness. After the release of the EP I got out of the game and went to school. In 2014 I met Roy Davis Jr. He told me he loved my work and convinced me to get back in the game. After a few months I bought some new equipment and created Unconditional Love and released it with the 312 House Society. Today I have partnered with the legendary artist Russoul to create a new label called U & ME. https://www.residentadvisor.net/features/2304
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