DJ Penly (NL)


As a child, he istened to Ben Liebrand's mixes and loved synthesizer music. He also liked music by the Police, which his father played a lot.
In the early 90s, he often went out in Belgium and got infected with dance music. There mainly club/trance music. He has played in different clubs and bars. Every weekend he went during the day to a record store in Belgium or to DJ Tiesto in Breda and in the evening with full suitcases of vinyl to the club to play.
In 2007 he quit because of a terrible event in hid private life.
After a long break, he dusted his equipment at the end of last year and he is back spinning vinyl under the name Penly. Penly is an existing village in Normandy France, it is beautiful there and has given me energy. His goal as DJ Penly is to convey the energy through the music.

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