DJ EZD rolled into the Hiphop business through his love for music and has been living in Breda since ’97. From that moment he has worked hard to built a steady name for himself as a DJ and as an promotor/ organizer DJ EZD started by throwing small parties in the city center of Breda which led to collaborations with Breda Barst (a free pop festival in Breda), Mezz and the Boogiedown Breda festival. Additionally DJ EZD is also a party deejay. Along with DJ DNS, he is the driving force behind Shit is Bangin’, a concept where bangin' music comes first. Shit is Bangin' is more than just a party. It is a feeling, a state of mind that the DJ’s try to transfer to their audience. Shit is Bangin' does not bogged down in one style, but simply hops from Block Rockin' Soul, Kinky Reggae, Pop to Funk and then simply rocks back to Hiphop. This concept brought DJ EZD (both solo and with Shit is Bangin ') to various festivals where he rocked the place, including Mysteryland, Solar Festival, Extrema Re:Create, Boogiedown Breda, Boomdox and Sneakerz Festival. In addition, he had the honour of deejaying for various artists such as Extince (NL), Camp Lo (U.S.), RA The Rugged Man (U.S.) and Elzhi (U.S.).
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