Rotterdam-based DJ Crisps is a seasoned DJ who has been honing his craft since the mid-90s. Inspired by his older brothers, he began playing at clubs at an early age and was at the forefront of the 2step/garage movement in the Netherlands. With a residency at one of the biggest clubs of the time, La Xala, he played alongside notable artists like DJ Gomes, Steve Boomselecter, and Jeremaine S.

In recent times, DJ Crisps has spent considerable time in the studio and has amassed a prolific output of releases on notable labels such as Time is Now, South London Pressings, ec2a, and Breaks 'N' Pieces to name a few. His sound is characterized by a blending of old school and nu school elements, with nods to darker 2-step and weighty 4x4 rhythms, all the while maintaining smoothness and versatility.

With a formidable reputation as a producer and DJ, DJ Crisps is an exciting talent worth keeping an eye on. His unique sound is a testament to his skills and passion for music, and his continued success in the industry is a testament to his unwavering dedication and hard work.

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