DJ Bono (NL)

Born in Jakarta (Indonesia) but adopted at young age he grew up in a Dutch family. Music has always played an important role in Bono's life. The basis for what would become his musical passion where years of keyboard lessons. When he moved to Utrecht he bought two turntables and quickly found his way in the art of mixing. Soon after, he played at several parties and began to create his own style; a mixture of uplifting house music with soulful, funky and Latin flavours. He always plays the crowd with an energetic set until hands hit the air and feet hit the floor. Bono plays his sound as a resident in a few clubs in Utrecht such as Winkel van Sinkel, Club Monza and Filemon & Baucis. On a regular basis he has guest performances in the Quignon and Havana. In October '04 he was approached to organize a monthly club night at the most influential venue of Utrecht, de Winkel van Sinkel. With all the possibilities present he decided to name his event Switch and became one of the residents. Switch is intended to provide the best Soulful, Funky and Uplifting house music with some of the finest up and coming new DJ's together with live-artists. The last six months were very successful and after a long summer break Bono will hopefully hit the decks at another Switch in the end of this year. One thing led to another and Bono has also been booked for Het Paard (Den Haag), Las Palmas (Rotterdam), FreeYourMindFestival (Arnhem), Pepsi Dance Parade (Middelburg), Norma Jeane (Apeldoorn) and during the summer season for Soulbeach (s'Gravenzande) and Bloomingdale (Bloemendaal). The one thing this upcoming DJ hopes to achieve is to spin the wheels of steel all over the world eventually. In summer ('05) he has held some foreign residencies in some of the finest Indonesian clubs like DJunction (Yogyakarta, Java), Liquid (Bali) and Club 66 (Balis largest club). Producing tracks is also one of the things he likes to achieve in the near future. He wants to experience that feeling when you hear your own sound in a club and the crowd loves it!
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