Distûrbe (NL)

In the beginning of 2012, after having experienced many parties in the deephouse, tech-house and techno scene, Mithras and Zamba dicided to start as DJ’s themselves. About half a year later they had their first gig in “Het Paard van Troje’’ in The Hague and were asked to come back every last Thursday of the month. After playing there for a couple of times they decided to take tings more seriously. In April 2013, they came up with the name “Distûrbe”. The first time they reiceved exposure to a greater public was during a radio show on Deep FM called “Pro Technive”. Consequently, their reputation grew and new gigs at various venues in cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Scheveningen and even a few gigs abroad in Hamburg, Germany had been scheduled. Over the time, they developed a love for deephouse, tech-house and techno and are since the beginning eager to implement these different styles into their sets. As Distûrbe puts it: “The people make the party and the DJs need to adapt to their audience and the other way around”. With every set, the Duo tries to adjust to their environment, meaning venue, audience and event theme. Using their own personal experience they try to make every set unique with regards to the event setting. In November 2013, Distûrbe started collaborating with friends and another DJ, Leon da Silva aka “DIGGA”, who had resided from Germany to The Netherland. Together they started the event-label called Kollektiv, which has gained tremendous recognition over its first year of existance. The past events ranged from underground basement raves to off-location with 700+ attendees and eventually beach parties at The Hague’s well known beach Scheveningen in the summer season of 2014. They have been playing at latter events alongside other top notch DJs such as Steve Rachmad, Francesco Robustelli and upcoming German Djane Yetti Meissner. Furthermore, Distûrbe has been a vivid part in shaping Kollektiv’s leitmotif to provide a – “family-like” – platform for artists who express themselves through music in their own, individual way. 2014 has been a thrilling year for The Hague residents Mithras Cabolet and Zamba-Jan Bakana. They have not only played at various Kollektiv and third-party events but also made various festival debuts. In their second year of active DJing Distûrbe has been on the Line-up at Graefenthal VI, Klamme Handjes Festival, Puur Festival and Crave Festival alongside DJ legends such as Eric Sneo, Benny Rodrigues, Axel Karakasis and many more. The current year started off really well with bookings at the Hoop, one of the most iconic venues in The Hague, as well as being on the Line-up next to Ramon Tapia at one of Kollektiv’s most recent event. The first festival booking has also been confirmed. Distûrbe will make their debut in Berlin during this years premiere of GeteiltGleichMal Festival in Berlin this summer.
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