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There are those people who are naturally destined to change things, to question things, to push things forward. Dirty (Velten) Doering is such a person. He has a certain feeling for what moves people, is a visionary, entrepreneur, DJ - and a living landmark. Hardly anyone stands for electronic music from Berlin as much as he does. If you mention the terms Bar 25 and Katermukke in one sentence anywhere in the world, every raver will immediately know that it's about Dirty Doering.

At the age of 15, Doering, who was born in Leipzig, put on his first records in his home town of Baden-Baden. At 21 he moved to Berlin. He starts DJing at Sternradio, organizes his own after-hours and quickly becomes well-known throughout the city. At the latest with the release of 'I Would' 2010 then also beyond national borders. His involvement in the legendary Bar 25 soon made him a hero of Berlin's underground. With his sets and tracks like 'Casino Aquatique', 'Cape of Good Hope' or 'Emma Wong' he carries the spirit of the Spree river out into the big, wide world of techno.

In 2011, Doering founded the Katermukke label together with Sascha Cawa – laying another milestone for international success. Tours and label showcases on all continents in the next few years. No big club, no big festival without him. Everyone wants Katermukke, everyone wants Dirty Doering.

Since 2012 he has regularly skipped the harsh Berlin winters with 2-3 month stays in Cape Town. He quickly plays wherever the good festivals and raves are and spends a lot of time doing what he does best besides music: bringing together creative people and getting the best out of them in the form of projects, collabs and compilations.

Dirty Doering is a character artist by the book. His sound is as succinct as the loud laughter and as surprising as the knee-high white energy socks that he likes to wear behind the booth. He is undoubtedly a sommelier of electronic dance music and, depending on the setting and set, sounds so deep, so driving, so groovy, and like 80s synths - but always extremely enchanting and when Dirty plays, it seems as if the dancers leave space and time and is lost in music.

He’s been releasing music on the label ever since – no less colorful and varied than his DJ Sets. Whether it’s deep or impellent, weirdly enchanted or crystal clear – DIRTY DOERING and KATERMUKKE don’t tie themselves down but still know where the journey should go: Onwards, escaping daily routines, straight ahead into this insanely liberating feeling, where the beat means everything and the thought of the morning after counts for nothing. LOST IN MUSIC.

His 2018 album 'Euch die Uhren, uns die Zeit' addresses exactly this phenomenon - it pulls you in, sucks you in, drives you on. In March 2023 the next big work 'Last Exit Space' will be released in collaboration with his longtime companion and friend, Katermukke artist Niconé.

The list of Katermukke releases is longer and top-class than ever. And besides the album, the world will hear a lot from the label boss himself. Good! We celebrate this man and his music from the first bar to the last beat. We celebrate dirty - WE LIKE IT DIRTY!

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