Dirty Channels (IT)


Italian based djs and producers Dirty Channels are Simone& Leme. T hey started working together in the early 2008when, after a long period as single djs, they discovered agreat musical feeling. T heir debut on the historic italian labelManocalda brought up their collaboration with Pastaboysand proved to be an essential introduction for these guys,with releases and remixes with various labels such asRebirth, Reincarnation, Bcbtec... always supported by biginternational artists.Dirty Channels recently released forrenowned labels like Jamie Jones' Hot Waves / HotCreations, Josh Wink's Ovum and the LA based Culprit.T hanks to these tracks they climbed up Beatport andResident Advisor charts, and they were included intoplaylists of top djs such as Pete Tong, Kerri Chandler, MayaJane Coles, MK, Groove Armada and many others.Being heavilyinspired by a lot of artists, Dirty Channels tracks are aunique mix of deep old school house, detroit techno, discoinfluenced jams, and classic grooves. T he variety of musicalinfluences turns into an eclectic dj set, never dull with agreat charge perceived and loved by the floor. T his is whythey're playing in a lot of important European clubs andevents.Dirty Channels are working on hot new productions forthe future, so stay tuned... the best is yet to come!

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