Dimitri Kneppers (NL)

The music career of Dimitri Kneppers’ (1967), better known as ‘Dimitri from Amsterdam’, reads like an encyclopedia. A Dutch house encyclopedia, that is. After 30 years of spinning records you could call this DJ a true veteran, known for his enormous sensitivity, true feeling and mixing skills. Hardly anybody ever felt and looked so comfortable behind the decks as DJ Dimitri. Ecstasy is no longer just a word, but a true magical moment as the crowd, the surroundings and the music all come together in one hypnotizing state of happiness. This man knows -or should we say feels- what he is doing, not only behind the decks but also when producing his own music. In 1988 Dimitri obtains his first residency at club Richter in Amsterdam and starts spinning in the legendary RoXY, where he distinguishes himself from the rest of the DJ-ing world through his bold and innovative mixing techniques. Dimitri is one of the first DJs to mix a house record with breakbeats or drum ‘n bass, proving he is not only capable of mixing those two records together by tempo and rhythm , but also just by melody or tune/pitch, creating real-time compositions. At that time this was really groundbreaking. A style that has been copied ever so often, although never truly coming close to the master himself.
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