Dimitri Hegemann (DE)

Speaker (Founder, Tresor)

Dimitri Hegemann, a cultural force, researcher, and pioneer of subcultural spaces, thrives on engaging with the unconventional. Milestones of his work include the non-conformist Atonal Festival, the development of the Berlin Tresor Club, and the import of techno music from Detroit. In recent years, spatial researcher Hegemann has devoted himself to forgotten industrial spaces and alternative urban development, transforming ruins and vacancies into vibrant cultural hubs as part of a strategy for fostering modern, prosperous creative industries and productive jobs. In 2012, he co-founded the consulting agency "Happy Locals" with Annette Ochs, which develops strategies for small and large communities affected by migration in Germany and abroad.

Building on his passion for subcultural spaces, Hegemann has launched The Tresor Foundation Berlin, opening the doors to the Academy of Subcultural Understanding. This academy works with young people who aspire to create new subcultural spaces in their hometowns. Through a 12-week training program, seven young volunteers from various small towns learn the intricacies of setting up and running a venue. They gain knowledge on everything from awareness to contracts, empowering them to establish their own spaces of alternative culture. This initiative not only strengthens the local youth scene and creates prospects for staying but also reinforces democratic structures by fostering self-efficacy among young creators.

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