Dimi Angelis (NL)

When considering his status as beloved and respected member of the contemporary Amsterdam techno scene, it’s sometimes easy to forget Dimi Angélis was among the founding members of the very culture that helped shape it. Promoting illegal raves and warehouse parties and putting his first needle on a record back when “underground” was still a defineable term, Dimi now holds well over a decade of in...ternational DJ-ing experience. It shouldn’t come as a suprise then that this is directly reflected by his record collection, musical knowledge and technical ability which all easily match and in most cases surpass that of many. Such an extensive frame of reference enables Dimi to look at “techno” through a unique and highly personal lense. Well aware of the genre’s fluid boundaries, ever-changing trends and the impact of continually developing technology, Dimi is able to elegantly step outside of the pre-determined fabric and in a sense mold its essential elements into something that feels familiar but upon more careful observation, or rather listening, is actually quite special.
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