Dev Bhatia (IN)

Does talent speak louder than pedigree? Dev Bhatia thinks so, and he has proven that time and time again. As the co-founder of UnMute – the pioneering music management and events agency for electronic dance music in India – he has broken down many barriers to become an industry leader. Started by Dev and India’s finest Techno artist, Arjun Vagale – UnMute manage and book a select group of quality Indian electronic DJs and Producers as well as serves as an agency for international artists in the Asian territory. Over and above that, the agency also consults with brands, music festivals and venues and is on it’s way to being a full service entertainment company. But its ethos and philosophies are based on Dev’s work with Jalebee Cartel. As India’s leading electronic live act, Jalebee Cartel, gave Dev his first break in the music biz and he went on to manage them for 6 years. During his time with the Jalebee crew, he developed new techniques and formats to help artists as well as provide a bridge between venues, brands and talent. With UnMute, he’s applying those industry defining benchmarks and using it to nurture the careers of new DJ’s as well as push the boundaries of established artists. Never one to sit still, while taking on the reins of Jalebee and its assorted projects, Dev was also the Creative Head for a leading national mobile radio product. His previous work with FM radio in India and in Dubai is actually what had initially pushed him to the direction of music, but he found his true calling in music management. Considered an expert in Marketing, Social Media strategy and trends, Dev has also been a stage manager at India’s biggest music festivals, Sunburn, Goa and NH7 Weekender. Along with curating their own conference, PALM Soundscape at the PALM Expo Mumbai, Dev has spoken at various music conferences and held workshops around India and the world.
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