Determinators (NL)

Determinators is the moniker of Lexander who is the Amsterdam Dance Event 2009 Demolition winner (dual overdrive) and Amsterdam-NL based -tech producer. Lexander has been involved with major techno/schranz djs Pet Duo and Robert Natus who have remixed one of Lexander's tracks (the Airplane Phenomenon) for his former band Mind Shelter. In 2009 Lexander gets awarded by Dave Clarke when winning the Amsterdam Dance Event Demolition Contest under Dual Overdrive (together with Roog Slikkerveer) as winning track over more than 100 demo submissions by unanimous decision of the jury : Dave Clarke (GB) Niels (Extrema Festival, NL) Stacey Pullen (US) Jonty Skrufff ((Skrufff Media & Skrufff.com, DE) Tommie Sunshine (Brooklyn Fire, US). Under the name Determinators, Lexander has his own view of techno/electro, as a producer he shapes in his compositions layers between techno, electro, darkwave working his sets with determination and passion to the music and always experimenting and adding a ceirtain spark to the experience that listening to electronic music make it worthwhile. "Determination is the wake-up call to the human will."
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