Deams (NL)

Deams is a Hip Hop pioneer hailing from the Netherlands who has worked with artists like DJ Premier, Guru, De La Soul, Ice T, Chuck D of Public Enemy and many more. While performing in China he witnessed the rise of the Chinese Hip Hop scene and launched the platform Hiphop360, along with Dutch entrepreneur Eddy de Heij and Chinese entrepreneurs Willem Yuan and Rich Luffy. HH360’s main goal is to promote Chinese and Western hip hop culture, while functioning as the gateway to China for Western artists & brands through their extensive online network. Hiphop360 recently started the project “HH360 Worldwide” with song collaborations between Chinese and Western artists, kicking it off with Young Jack from Xiamen and Jay-Way from Amsterdam. With the exponential growth of Hip Hop and 500 million people under age 30, China is bound to become one of the biggest Hip Hop markets in the world
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