David Maters (NL)


Amsterdam-born techno artist David Maters has a taste for fat bass lines and rolling beats

David got acquainted with electronic music as a young boy while driving to the south of France for a family holiday in 2006. The family, almost exclusively blessed with the wonders of ADHD, seemed to particularly enjoy the music David’s brother blasted through the speakers. Sven Väth’s ‘The Sound of the Sixth Season’ was the music of choice and, from thereon, David's love for electronic music only grew stronger.

As an energetic and passionate artist, David doesn’t shy away from interaction with the crowd and thrives best on stage. And this is reflected by his sound as well: rolling/driving baselines and ecstatic textures, without compromising on a sexy grove. His sets are defined by a clear storyline/build-up of carefully selected tracks and never fail to drive the crowd crazy.

With releases on labels such as Dema’s Redrum Music, David has grown confident into his sound as an artist. Something that was picked-up by LvR Management as well, who selected him for their up and coming talent mentorship program. And with his next EP planned to benchmark his distinctive sound as a skilled artist, David Maters is ready to set his mark.

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