David Brenner (DE)

As an onlooker, fan and listener, he was a passionate scholar. He gave himself ten years of studying the music before acting on his own initiative in 2003 – because what he learned is that he prefers quality over quantity. As a result, he is now a connoisseur of sound whose appeal lies in his love of detail. Starting as a techno DJ in the Potsdam area, his compelling beats and the dense rhythms characteristic of the scene, highlighted by groovy vocals, served as an early proof of his talent. First contacts quickly established, but true to form, David Brenner moved forward at his own pace. His music has matured, it has been reduced to its roots. David Brenner expands the classic elements which turned him to this music in the first place, and instrumentalized them. His trademark remains a deep minimalistic sound with a powerful bassline, pumping beats and skillfully placed vocal accents. Thus he continues. His own productions are planned, and he has many projects in the pipeline, yet he lives for the moment. The place where sounds are created is where David Brenner works from Deep House to Tech House. The flow and change are unstoppable, with work and passion as their witness. David Brenner’s handling of individual parts reaches from the classic to the experimental and mixes the significant with the superficial, creating an impact that holds the same fascination that got him here. His dedication is not lost on his audience. His passion, however, is for the cause alone.
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