Dave Angel (GB)

Born the son of a Jazz musician and elder brother to British hip-hop artist Monie Love, Dave’s path in music came to the fore during the explosion of the acid house scene in London back in the late 80’s. Hosting one of the zeitgeist shows of its time, Dave’s weekly broadcast on pirate radio station Phaze One saw him champion a new sound that was gradually captivating the youth of the country and which would later catapult him into the media spot light with notable publications like Mixmag, DJ Magazine and The Guardian all proclaiming Dave as a one of the major forces in the UK techno/acid house scene. DJing formed a natural progression into the recording process and in 1989 after tinkering at home with a basic set-up of a keyboard and two tape decks Dave’s first attempts at production created a somewhat controversial remix of Eurhythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’, which Dave called his ‘Nightmare Mix’.
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