Daniel Nitsch (DE)

Motivated by the success of their releases, Daniel founded in 2003 together with Andreas Henneberg and Stefan Schuldt the Recordlabel “Voltage-Musique”. In the next years he plays as DJ and Liveact under the spirit of Voltage-Musique in a lot of clubs and at many festivals. In 2007 he found together with his long friends Stefko Kruse and Andreas Henneberg the new project “The Glitz”. The first release “White Line” was a big clubhit. In 2008 they released the songs lChatter, Chamise and Tenga on labels like Pocketgame, Ostwind and their homebase Voltage-Musique. In the next month you will listen more of The Glitz. The DJ-Sets of Daniel Nitsch are characterized by his long experience, soulful moments and a warm deep groove. But feel it for yourself!
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