Daniel Lucas (BR)

Pigmalião is the result of the artist Daniel Lucas on merging Latin American regional and roots references, timbers and textures with specific sounds from other parts of the world mostly related to the historical exchanges throughout the American territory. Pigmalião is the materialization of the reference acquis from the label Frente Bolivarista and remains in constant transformation alongside the label release narrative. As a touring DJ, he regularly plays shows in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Santiago, Cadiz, Sao Paulo in festivals like Fusion Festival (DE), Nomade Festival (CL), Festival Novas Frequências (BR) and clubs such as Katerblau (DE), Salon Zur Wilden Renate (DE), D-EDGE (BR). Pigmalião is manager and A&R of the Label FRENTE BOLIVARISTA home of big artists like M.RUX, Carrot Green, Matanza, Chancha Via Circuito, El Buho and many more talents from all over the globe. FRENTE BOLIVARISTA Frente Bolivarista has made a stellar rise over the past 2 years with a great selection of releases. The label has dug deep with many compilations, featuring names such as Captain Planet (USA), M.RUX (DE), Matanza (CL), El Búho (UK), Carrot Green (BR), Chancha Via Circuito (AR), Spaniol (BR) and many more talents from all over the globe. Brazilian musical legacy has always seemed somewhat set apart from the rest of the continent but the label, alongside the growing links between booming São Paulo and Buenos Aires, Quito or Lima shows that the tide is changing. It is indeed the becoming, and going even further than, the musical version of Bolivar’s dream: a global collaboration of new, inter infected, border hopping sounds shaping the future of Latin American music. OTHER PROJECTS Kosmos & Arredores is a audiovisual project released in partnership between the multimedia artist Julio Parente and the producer Daniel Lucas. With it's atmosphere revolving around the space theme, including dubby beats and reverberating synths there is also a physcal wood scenography used as a interstellar portal during the performance.
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