Daneey (AT)

Danijel Marjanovic aka. Daneey / Graz AT (BIH/SRB) Already very early in his life Daneey started with his friends to produce his own kind of Hip Hop Beats, but he missed the real passionate element. And so he lost his interest again. But it shouldn't take a long time that a new passion was born. Different local electronical events and festivals awakened his interest again and out of that reason he decided to make long journeys, even outside Austria. So he could find the" missing link". Since then, back in the studio with lots of fantastic impressions of Awakenings ( NL), Bonus (HU), Time Warp (DE ), he has been trying to write down his ideas of Techno with a proper portion of "Groove". Apart from gigs in the amazing "Dom im Berg"(Graz) or famous festivals like "Rave on Snow" and the "Springfestival ", he was able to become a certain part of "Auge mal Beat ",an event collective in Graz, and to establish himself as "Bunker Resident DJ " where he was allowed to support big artists like Cari Lekebusch, Gary Beck, Mark Reeve, Spartaque, Spektre, Skober and many more. Nobody knows what will happen in his future, but he has still got a lot of plans...
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