Daisy Moon (GB)


Daisy Moon is a producer and DJ based in Bristol, UK. With a background in contemporary performance, her music intuitively assimilates the club-orientated sounds of techno, electro and house with elements of experimental composition, field recordings and sound design, combined with ethereal songwriting and submerged vocal traces. Her latest release, Reflections On a Flower-Garden came out on CURL recordings last year, and in 2019 she released Geometry of Curves on Idle Hands.

She is the curator of Off-Kilter, which is her most recent venture and takes form as a mix series and live/DJ events platform that nods to the experimental, murkier side of her tastes. Daisy is a member of Bristol and Berlin collective Housework alongside residents Shanti Celeste, Gramrcy and Golesworthy, and is also one of the co-founders and tutors (with Em Williams and Danielle) behind Mix Nights which is a course and community designed to encourage women, trans, non-binary and minority genders to learn how to DJ.

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