D Beat (IT)


Against a background that boasts twenty years of experience, Francesco and Giuseppe, two DJs and Italian producers, give life to the D BEAT project. The beginnings see them as protagonists in the Bolognese panorama within well-known clubs such as: Let’s Go, DOC, Cabala Cafè, Roxy Bar, just to name a few. In 2018 they began to produce together and release on various Italian and foreign record labels until arriving at Trax Records in Chicago where today they play the
role of A&R for Italy. Among the international dates boast the presence in consoles in the most famous island in the
panorama of electronic music..." Ibiza", where for three years now they reach every summer.
In2022D BEAT, thanks to their perseverance and dedication, can find space within GoodyMusic Radio with the radio format "Play On D Beat" edited and designed by themselves, the Italian duo airs exclusively on the digital frequencies of Goody Music Radio in Premiere every Saturday at 2:00 PM.
Inside "PlayOnD BEAT" in addition to their dj sets during the weekly programming they present a series of special podcasts with National and International guests.

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