D.A.V.E. The Drummer (GB)

If you are into the harder end of Acid & Techno Music, you may have already come across one of D.A.V.E. The Drummer’s records. Hailing from the London illegal warehouse party scene that exploded in the 90’s, DJ & producer D.A.V.E. The Drummer started the techno label Hydraulix as an output for his production ideas. The label intended to bridge the gap between the Acid Techno of his previous productions and a darker form of techno that D.A.V.E. was experimenting with in the studio. Hydraulix made some big waves in the Hard Techno scene throughout the 2000’s and is still going strong with many of the, now digital, releases hitting the top ten in the Beatport Hard Techno Charts. Tracks from Hydraulix have found their way into the playlists of some of the worlds top DJs as well as keeping a huge following of underground Techno DJs across the globe. D.A.V.E’s recent music reflects a shift toward a darker stripped back techno sound and the label is still at the forefront of the techno scene winning respect from many DJs and taking on board fresh young artists as well as releasing tracks by seasoned Hydraulix regulars. Still a hard working DJ and Producer, D.A.V.E. is responsible for remixes and productions for many great techno labels including Fine Audio, Noom, Reklusive, Naked Lunch, Phobiq, Elektrax, Techburst, and of course Hydraulix, Apex and Mutate To Survive
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