Crude Intentions (NL)

Fresh freestyle phenomenon Joost Jeucken, aka Crude Intentions, bought his first music CD’s in 2007. Hooked by the sound of dance music, he started discovering the dance industry more and more. Eventually he decided to pick up a synthesizer himself and started making his own beats. He grew exponentially in a short amount of time, blending sounds from all different kinds of dance genres together. Crude Intentions debuted on Foolish in 2015 with “Powah!” and “Voices”. The Freestyle scene instantly fell in love and carried his name through their speakers, with support from the likes of Ruthless, DJ The Prophet, The Viper and Panic. What followed was a barrage of freestyle hits, with over 10 tracks dropped in his first year. “Pray To God” w/ Zany, “Voices Part II”, “Let’s Get Ready” and his remix of LNY TNZ’s “Burn It Down” are only a taste of his already extraordinary discography. It doesn’t matter whether it sounds tekky or hardstyle-ish; Joost’s goal is to always serve his beats fresh. Freestyle fanatics will see Crude Intentions take the stage at many upcoming Freestyle events, from Supersized Kingsday to Free Festival and beyond. Expect the crudest beats in a funky flow, and watch this fresh face soar to the top!
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