Cris-H (NL)


Cris-H, a British DJ and promoter living in Amsterdam, is a talented artist known for his beautifully constructed sets. His style revolves around a progressive and melodic sound, creating a captivating atmosphere for his audience. He has had the privilege of sharing the DJ booth with renowned names such as Darren Emerson, Dmitry Molosh, Jaap Ligthart, Nicolas Rada, Marcelo Vasami, Dave Seaman, Miss Melera, Alain Pauwels, Anthony Pappa and many more.

As an promoter, Cris-H has demonstrated his skill in curating memorable events through his company Casa Productions.
Time and time again, he successfully programs a combination of DJs that deliver exceptional performances.
His ability to bring together talented artists in a cohesive lineup showcases his understanding of the electronic music scene and his dedication to providing an unforgettable experience for the crowd.

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