Connor Schumacher (NL)

Artist & Speaker

The research is in: Dance is not ephemeral. It is the living, breathing, pulsating, sweat proof of what makes us essentially human. It’s physiology, psychology, sociology and phenomenology in every step we take. It is a super natural experience. Through multiple EU dance research projects as well as knowledge gained from cognitive science, physiology, linguistics - and plenty of raving - Dance artist Connor Schumacher has built a practice to empowering movers, dancers, and dance culture professionals by revealing what we already we already know; Society would be better if we danced everyday - So let’s get moving.

Connor Schumacher is a Dance Artist based in Rotterdam, NL. The artistic director of ARK/Connor Schumacher, he is also an associate artist by Dansateliers Rotterdam and Theater Babel. He makes Social Choreographic works for Theater, Museums, Festivals, and Clubs as well as educational and consultation workshops for empowering soft skills in groups and institutional dynamics.

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