Clean & Sober (NL)

Bas Goossen and Job van Beek, two guys at the age of 21 and born in the city of Alkmaar, the Netherlands, started individually with producing music in their homemade attic studio. In 2012 they met each other on a party of a mutual friend, after a chit-chat about the beautiful life of a producer they decided to combine forces and try to find out if they can complement each other in both their producing skills. The connection was there, they discovered they had similar interests and ideas about producing music. Bas and Job locked themselves in their attic studio throughout the year, full focusing on creating music and trying to learn from each other. After that year they had an epiphany, ‘’Why shouldn’t we combine our knowledge and present ourselves as an artistic, music producing duo?’’. February 2013: Clean&Sober was born, Bas and Job went full throttle at producing music, promoting their artist name and securing more followers on social media. It wasn’t in vain, february 2014, their original track ’’Drunk Snake’’ premiered in The Martin Garrix Radio Show and soon after that premiere Clean&Sober was a little blip on the big radar of the electronic dance music scene. At the beginning of july they signed a publishing contract with Music All Stars and the first big step was set by this fresh and upcoming dj/producer duo. Don’t lose your sight on them!
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