Clarian (CA)

Combining the warm hum and factory grit of analog machinery, sequencers, and haunted strings, his tracks transport the listener into alternate states of mind. Some have described it as: "similar to an intensified cannabinoid induced state of sexual consciousness". Laced in homemade beats and toxic hooks, Clarian is on the fringe between experimental house and pseudo pop, re-imagining tones into an addictive cocktail with his signature dance floor poetry. Clarian continues to take an uncharted path of unwinding curves and magnetic spheres. His EP ‘Chemical Gardens’ on Visionquest intertwined the zeitgeist in 2012 and since he has released records on game changing labels: Turbo, Life And Death, Supplement Facts, Rumors and My Favorite Robot (to name a few). He performs on stages, clubs, festivals, basements and sunrises worldwide with some of the underground's most influential and elusive artists. In the summers, Clarian shadows the Berlin club scene where he spends his time off from touring mostly in a basement dreaming up his web of sound. Fronting as A&R for Seth Troxler's new indie label Soft Touch of the exotic and strange, he serves as the artistic backbone and inaugurated the label with its first release - "Is There Light At The End". Favouring a pastime for science fiction as well as a whiskey purist and chess enthusiast, Clarian is gaining a cult following of danceaholics who seem to relish in his often reckless exploits and obsessions of music research and experimentation.
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