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Gifted with DIY production skills, and a majestic voice that’s textured as if sung from within a deep cave, CIFIKA composes music that evokes a futuristic dimension and otherworldly sound. Her unique blend of ethereal sonics and deep beats has propelled her from South Korea’s underground scene and sets her apart as one of the “new wave kids thriving outside of the K-Pop Machine''. She deftly blends genres like R&B and low-fi with dark electronic soundscapes and combines lyrics in both English and Korean, creating her own genre often described by press as “entirely self-invented and undefined, a harmonious clashing of cultures.” Somewhat of a rarity, CIFIKA arose from the underground Seoul music scene truly gifted with DIY production skills. She writes her own lyrics and /mixes/producers all of her material. She is a true inspiration and voice for the younger generation of DIY artists. A bicultural artist, being born in Korea and having lived on the west coast, her music and personality transcend borders as she deftly blends R&B, low-fi, dark electronic soundscapes with bouncy house and playful pop, along with her signature vocals layered in both English and Korean that evokes a futuristic dimension and otherworldly sound.
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