Christine Diamantopoulos (CA)

Speaker (The District)

Christine began her career in the electronic music industry as an independent blogger, followed by writing, editing, interviewing and interning for VICE’s electronic music focused site, THUMP Canada. In 2015, she joined The District, representing the largest communities of electronic music curators on YouTube such as Trap Nation, MrSuicideSheep, Proximity, Majestic Casual, Selected and others; as Content & Licensing Manager.

As gatekeeper and head of music placements, her day to day consists of finding the best curated homes for music within the network and managing music licensing for the curators. Fostering positive relationships between Rights Holders and Music Promoters, The District creates a healthy environment for all facets of the electronic music industry to thrive on digital platforms, with placements and curation resulting in 1.5 billion monthly streams across their channels.

Outside of District, Christine is also a DJ, co-founder of the Babelink Bureau collective, events promoter and dance floor patron contributing to Vancouver, Canada's underground electronic community with numerous perspectives on the world of electronic music.

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