Christian Mantini (IT)

He has been working behind the console since 1995, with the constant will of transmitting the dj's mood, his pursuit of inspiration and sounds able to produce positive emotions. Keen on sound deep, house and underground, Christian lived 1990' s years learning to the craft and taking his musical taste to many culture clubs and one-night which ended up becoming known in Italy. His energetic, eclectic and curious personality has contributed to enrich his career out of the dj booth letting him to learn about sound engineering, discography and company management. The passion for music has led him to arrange parties occasionally during the years, creating atmospheres that people around will always bring in their heart. The most important is the "Sunset Ritual" with Anane & Louie Vega since 2013 in Pescara at Liuzzi's home. Passion, love and constantly work for the music attracted the attention of the most spiritual person and big Artist of House Music Anané Vega that drived Christian in New York to manage her companies Ananesworld, Nulu and Nulu Electronic realizing his dreams from the beginning.
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