Hits, hits and more hits! Hits from the 80s, 90s and 100s. With its unique whirlwind way of mixing, CHIMP takes a nostalgic journey back in time. That time when everyone could still get the flippos out of the crisps, you were mega cool with your Sony Walkman and you could annoy yourself for eternity if you could not finish a level of Super Mario Bros 3. The good old days so! CHIMP makes you long for your old Break Outs, that you want to buy Skittles yo-yo's at the Jamin again or that you will see what time the TMF day top 5 will appear on the picture tube tonight. So put on your house trousers, take those LA Gears out of your shoe cupboard and make sure your purse is full of guilders because 'on these pictures you can dance that night!'
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