Charles Schillings (FR)

After more than 15 years of playing in some of the most prestigious clubs worldwide, Charles Schillings is one of the most sought after French DJs around, playing his eclectic and melodic, powerful House fusing Rock, Electro-Funk, Soul, Groove and Jazz. Whether he plays to an audience of thousands in Paris, Tokyo, Jakarta or London, he charms all with his music. He is a solid fixture in the French music scene and has been a force in clubs such as the Rex and the Queen (Paris), Le Café d'Anvers (Belgium), the Lotus (New-York) and the Jet Set (Moscow), for years. He has strong connections in the fashion industry as well with a resume including sound design for Karl Lagerfeld and French brand Céline since 2006 along with spinning for special events for Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Chopard and Armani. Since signing with Pschent in 1996, he's mixed the six Overground House compilations as well as many others including Club Pride and Elite Model's Attitude with Felix and Hugo Boss. Besides his DJ and compilation work, Charles Schillings is also a composer, recording and producing his own music. His first album called, "It's About…", released in 2002, includes the single "Tengo Nada" with Clémentine Célarié. In 2004, Charles Schillings released his second album, "Not Correct", combining powerful Electro and Rock influences. Supported by the hit single and video, "SPIN IT RIGHT", "Not Correct" has received incredible feedback from the world over.
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