Cagedbaby ()

Cagedbaby - Tom Gandey to the taxman - has been here all along. That was him spreading musical sunshine all over a rain-sodden Glastonbury last year; that was him rallying the troops in Ibiza; his electronic tales of melodic bliss were the perfect starter for The Chemical Brothers on Tom'n'Ed's end-of-year jaunt; that was him and his merry band making whoopee at Japan's Mount Fuji festival; and if you were lucky enough to have been down under in January, you might have caught a glimpse of the all-singing, all-dancing 'Baby experience with fellow genre busters The Go! Team, LCD Sound System and Soulwax. He's also just finished a 3 week tour of Japan supporting Fatboy Slim in Japan, the tours are still coming thick and fast. Of course, none of that would have been possible without the kaleidoscopic sonic tonic that was Cagedbaby's debut album, Will See You Now, recently released on Fatboy Slim's Southern Fried imprint - Tom's a Brighton boy, so it makes perfect sense - its playful mix of seductive electro-pop, subtle techno rhythms, laidback party music and snippets of 80s power chords, made it irresistible to all who stumbled upon it. Pleasingly, this hot fuss began to grow, stealth-like, as the summer gave way to autumn. And by year's end, away from the hyperbolic glare of the vacuous fashion police, Cagedbaby, by sheer force of word-of-mouth was finally beginning to assume his rightful position as the people's new boy wonder of dance. This was confirmed when not only Rough Trade record shop placed Will See You Know in its Top 20 albums of 2005 and Pete Tong re-discovered its unfettered joys, something that has culminated in the Radio One godfather seemingly making it his personal crusade to spread the word. Essential Selection 14 weeks in a row! he also broadcast his first essential mix in march, as well as having essential new tune for the dance floor stomper.
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