Bruno Bickmann (NL)

The Amsterdam DJ Bruno Bickmann was born in Angola on October 6, 1986. At an early lives while he was engaged in music such as House, Kuduro, Kizomba, Pagoda and Axe. On his 12th he moved to Almere City where he came into contact with other musical styles such as hip-hop, dancehall and bubbling. His career began as an amateur DJ at Cafe Hermitage in Amsterdam where he often turned on as a substitute on Friday and Sunday from 21: 00 in the evening until 03:00. Cafe at the Hermitage Bruno developed his own identity kwa music and became one of the most acclaimed DJs under the Brazilian and Portuguese community. Very soon DJ Bruno Bickmann received several offers from other clubs, and in 2006 he moved to Canecao (Amsterdam) where he was run on Thursday and Friday. In 2008, the Amster Danse Cafe Bamboo Bar DJ Bruno Bickmann provides the ability to run four fixed evening and difficult task to fill the tent. With its unique style and experience, he managed to raise the awareness of Bamboo Bar up and attract people from other cities to Amsterdam. Bruno also wanted to run somewhere else so calls to other people within its network to look at options for larger events. Not long after he was asked to other clubs like Hotshots, Brasil Bar & Candela where he found more often today is. The breakthrough in his career he came in 2013 when he was asked to join Latin Village. In that same year he was asked for Festival de Verao and all the first foreign experience in Belgium. His international experience followed later in Munich (DL), Lisbon (PT), Goiania (BR) and Luanda (AN).
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