Bottled in England (DK)

Only few bands get the honour of seeing their name on the poster of Roskilde Festival two times without having released an album. The duo, Bottled in England, who blew everyone away at the 2011 Pavilion Junior scene, is an exception, as they will be part of the main program at Roskilde Festival 2014. The concert will be an exquisite taste of Bottled in England’s debut album, which will be released on August 11th 2014. In a thunderstorm of face lashing beats, grooving bass and euphoric soundscapes, Bottled in England display their unique take on modern electronic music. The show is performed using live instruments and is delivered with an eminent organic elegance by a brutally reckless drummer and a dramatic theatrical bass player, who combine cinematic greatness with a unique form of minimalistic German techno-equilibrium; creating an explosive cocktail. Bottled in England is determined that ‘live’ should once again be synonymous with ‘played by hand’ and has therefore declared war against heartless drum ‘n’ bass, screaming alien dubstep and the bland bass-in-your-face attitude towards heavy bass music. With 150 concerts played in anywhere from Eastern Europe to Asia, Bottled in England announced their upcoming debut album – an epic story about a boy trapped in the zeitgeist of our time; the flourishing cultural destitution of the youth. Bottled in England consist of drummer August Dyrborg, 24, and Daniel Vognstrup, 25. As the boys grew up together in the suburbs of Copenhagen, a musical bond developed between them that would eventually send them on a musical journey leading through everything from punk to big band music. At the end of 2009, they decided to pursue new horizons and began exploring the electronic bass universe. One year passed locked in a rehearsal studio and the Bottled in England concept was born – the first steps were taken on the nightclub scenes around Copenhagen. After no more than eight concerts Bottled in England was announced for Roskilde Festival’s Pavilion Junior and managed to break the record, according to the head of security, for the largest audience at the upcoming scene in 2011. An amazing line-up – featuring the likes of Silas Bjerregaard of Turboweekend – combined with numerous quotes of approval from media outlets – such as this one from the Guardian: ”Expect to be pleasantly surprised by Bottled in England's sophisticated take on drum n' bass” – ensured Bottled in England its rightful place on the map of European electronic music. By establishing their own record label, Structure Music Company, and releasing their debut EP, Believe the Hype, the duo began touring the Danish festivals and then went on to the rest of Europe. Having built up a strong reputation as solid live act, the duo went on a massive tour throughout Denmark and played local events like Distortion and SPOT Festival. The highly energetic shows got them noticed by the German edition of Rolling Stones, among others, who wrote: ”You could dance the night away to the drum'n'bass from the hyped Bottled in England”. In 2012 Bottled in England began working with heavy metal producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Hatesphere, Illdisposed, etc.) and the result was the conceptual web release of BIE Presents #1, #2 & #3, which included the critically acclaimed ‘Architect EP’ (2013) featuring Troels Abrahamsen of Danish electro rock act, VETO. Besides national radio, DR P6, the ‘Architect EP’ was very well received by British radio (BBC Radio 2, Amazing Radio and XFM (play listed by Simon Raymonde of Bella Union)) and the German radio stations (Radio Fritz, 1LIVE, TIDE and Byte FM). The growing international interest was followed by numerous shows at well acclaimed festivals such as Fusion Festival (DE), Waves Vienna (AT), Sonic Visions (LU), Reeperbahn Festival (DE), Storm Festival (CN) and by:Larm (NO) of which the last one mentioned marked the starting point of one of the longest tours around China in Danish history. Bottled in England marked their presence at home as well; in early 2013 with a cover story in the biggest Danish newspaper, a sold-out concert at VEGA, and an amazing crowd at Tivoli’s Plænen. The massive tour activity and the huge amount of attention have built up a lot of expectations for the forthcoming album (planned release date August 11th 2014), which will be presented at an exclusive live premiere at Roskilde Festival ’14. The album tells the story of a young man who struggles to make it through a life filled with demands, expectations and wasted opportunities. This causes him to descend through a downward spiral of intoxication, and as he plunges deeper into the darkness he starts to reject the people who love him. In the end there is only one way out – death. Bottled in England’s BOY/LOST features a unique universe of sound, which carries the listener through a tragic story told with the utmost delicacy, as we get to know our main characters deepest feelings and emotions. The music is grand, but minimalistic; aesthetic, yet brutal; inspired by the mechanical music’s static evolvement; nevertheless containing a certain amount of uncompromising attitude towards the balance between the organic and the industrial. Bottled in England’s new release is an outstanding piece that presents everything from symphonic arrangements and big band brass to hardcore beats and wobble bass. Additionally, Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg of Blue Foundation will be adding some extra kick with her exceptional voice, as she will be featured on the 2nd single, the electronic pop-step ballad; ‘Never Be Apart’.
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