Bold Moves (NL)

Ewout Colijn, also known as Bold Moves, is an upcoming techno/electronica artist from Amsterdam who strives for a new level of musical freedom and creativity. His signature sound could be described as a melodic and futuristic take on techno. His philosophy is that techno should have the energy to make you dance, but it should also have an emotional edge that really touches your heart. In his studio, situated at the Herengracht in the vibrant center of Amsterdam, Bold Moves locks himself up more often than not to produce new soul mending music for his DJ sets. Therefore it’s no surprise that the majority of music in his DJ sets is produced by the man himself. With releases on Moodmusic Records, Click Records and Manual Music, Bold Moves’ music has been creeping it’s way all over the world. In Bold Moves’ opinion every track should be a journey of sound, a voyage that will take you to another dimension. Let Bold Moves be your astronaut, let him guide you through his stunning soundscapes.
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