Bohr (NL)

Ramon Bohr is more than 25 years active in the dance industry, as producer / DJ(Bohr) and as organisator. At the age of 12 he started producing his own tracks with his Commodore 64. But it was 1986 when he heard the first house track, at that time played by Rene ter Horst (one of chocolate Puma duo and resident DJ) in Club Stalker. It was love at first sight. He organised beach parties at Bloemendaal Beach and also at Nikki Beach Miami during the Miami Music Week. This in partnership with Joe Kelly, founder of Electric Beach Party Miami. With his company "The Brother Company" and his partners Ro Hoogduin (dagverblijf) & Arjan Broek(shooting artists) he organised Amsterdam's soulful club night "Club Dansant" monthly at New Supperclub in 2016/2017. With his company Amsterdam Inc Events, which is founded in 2017, Ramon is also scouting for talented DJ/Producers and provide record deals for the real talented people out there and gigs at festivals/clubs.. Due to his big network and knowledge about the dance industry.
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