Bobmo (FR)

BOBMO (real name Hugues Rey) is a young producer who moved to Paris from Bordeaux a couple of years ago. While in high school, with no musical training, he launched a short-lived rap career, making beats on his Playstation (no, really!), spitting awkward tales of murder and woe. Then he got himself a PC and found a new faith when he discovered legendary labels Dancemania and Trax. Promptly signed by Institubes on the strength of an early demo, he’s released four widely-played and playlisted singles-Let’s Go Bobmo!, To The Bobmobile, 3000% YES and Falling From The Crescent Moon -and toured extensively, from small Australian clubs to Dutch mega raves. It’s always easier when people are living stereotypes, real-life equivalents of bad sitcom characters. Then you can just whip out the descriptors and tell the world how too-cool-for-school they are. The thing with Bobmo is that this doesn’t work: he’s a complex piece of work, a bunch of riddles wrapped in lots of contradictions. With his last EP, Bobmo moved to claim the throne: three new tracks and a bonus suite revisiting of one of the boy’s greatest tracks: «Rock The» from 3000% YES, reworked by Feadz, Goon & Koyote and Bobmo himself. In addition to acclaim and nods from an ever-growing worldwide extended family and community of A-list Bobmo fans, as well as the UK and French dance press, singles from Falling From The Crescent Moon have been played countless times on Radio 1 night shows by the likes of Annie Mac (Essential Mix), Andy George & Jaymo, Rob Da Bank, Kissy Sell Out, Alex Metric...
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