Boatman (BE)

By bonding the floating airs of colorful frequencies to one another, Boatman, (aka Sven van Troostenberghe-Engelbosch) creates his musical compositions intuitively. Since a young age, Engelbosch has been teaching himself the art of music and has flourished over the years. Apart from being fluent in nearly all instruments, his musical capacity deepened after unearthing the beauty in all vibrational frequencies. With a determination for rediscovering himself, Engelbosch has settled into a constant creative flow in Antwerp, Belgium. For the passed ten years, he has co-produced several Belgian bands and has worked as a ghost producer for different artists. He has composed music in an array of genres including ambient, classical, jazz, soul, blues, down-tempo, house, techno, drum and bass and film score. Today, Engelbosch works under the alias Boatman and has defined his own sound. Dreamy, ambient hymns leveled by gripping, vibrational bass lines underlay a platform for delicate violins and sitars to sour. Stories retold through Boatman music translate into effortlessly grounded soundscapes executed through a powerful live performance. Although this is just the beginning for this young musician, Engelbosch’s musicality and artistic vulnerability have already captivated audiences worldwide.
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